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Private Interest Foundations, such as the Panama Foundation or the Liechtenstein Foundation, provide a fiduciary structure for the orderly transfer and disposition of assets to beneficiaries upon the death of the Founder, keeping control of assets during a lifetime. They may be established to have effect from the date of their constitution or after the death of the Founder.

Foundations are legal entities and are therefore registered in the jurisdiction of choice by way of the Foundation Charter.

Fiduciary can arrange for foundations to be registered in Panama and Liechtenstein. Assets are donated to the Foundation which hold these in its own name, as it is a legal entity. The assets are administered by the Foundation Council which has a similar function to that of a trustee in a discretionary trust.

The Foundation Regulations are a confidential document and are not available to the general public. This document will state, among other things, the assets making up the foundation assets, the beneficiaries and how the assets are to be distributed.

The Foundation is a vehicle which can provide for succession planning to allow a family business to pass to future generations. Foundations are exempt from all taxes in Panama, while Foundations in Liechtenstein pay a small tax charge.