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Fund Administration

Correct structuring during the initial stages of the creation of an offshore fund is critical and a major factor in its overall success. There are six key areas that should be addressed before the fund launches; these relate to tax, regulatory matters, day-to-day business management, investment strategies, and marketing and back-office operations including technology. Addressing these issues prior to creating an offshore fund eliminates problems in the long run. The initial stages can be overwhelming at times to manage. Our team and its affiliates consisting of experienced accountants, lawyers, and tax advisers can assist at this crucial stage to ensure the fund operates effectively and efficiently.

Fiduciary Fund Administration Limited obtained its FSC licence in May 2007 as a company specializing in the administration of funds, particularly private equity funds and hedge funds.

Fund Accounting

  • Fund accounting services on a multi-currency and multi-cell format (as and when required), maintaining principal books, records and calculation of NAVs.

  • Calculation and arrangement of the disbursement of management fees, performance fees, administration fees, director's fees and other such fees, costs and expenses in accordance with the Funds respective offering document.

  • Calculation and publication of the NAV as directed by the Memorandum and Articles of Association, offering documents or, as otherwise directed by the Fund Directors, Investment Manager or Agents. Pricing information is determined by the Fund Administrator after receiving the pricing procedure instructions and necessary datafrom the Fund or its Investment Manager. The final NAV on a monthly basis, or as otherwise instructed, would be communicated to the Investors, Directors, Investment Manager and other such persons as instructed and agreed.

Registrar, transfer agency and client services

  • Accounting for the receipt of and distribution of monies. Processing and recording in the Funds share register details of fund subscriptions, exchanges/transfers and redemptions, and communication of the same to Investors as and when required.

  • Maintaining a register of shareholders and, subject to relevant laws and any necessary consents or approvals, holding the register open for inspection at the office of the Fund Administrator.

  • Establishing banking and/or custodian relations for the Fund and accounting for the receipt of subscriptions and payment of redemptions.

Financial Accounting

  • Arranging for the preparation of the annual financial statements using International Financial Reporting Standards, or any other reporting standards that may be required.

  • Appointing, corresponding and dealing with the auditors of the Fund.


  • Reviewing, monitoring and ensuring continued compliance with applicable legislation. Ensuring that only fit and proper persons, corporations and other legal entities are permitted to form, maintain and invest in the Fund in order to protect both the integrity of the Fund and that of Gibraltar's Finance sector.

  • Reviewing money transfers over the Fund's bank accounts. Ensuring relevant anti-money laundering legislation and guidelines are adhered to.