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Gibraltar residency

Gibraltar offers a unique set of advantages for individuals seeking to establish residency. Enjoying a Mediterranean climate and located at the southernmost point of the Iberian Peninsula, this self-governing British overseas territory boasts a robust and diversified economy and has emerged as a leading international financial centre within the European Union. Gibraltar has replaced its former tax exempt regime with an internationally competitive tax model, and has implemented all EU directives. As such, Gibraltar is garnering ever-growing favour as a transparent, EU compliant and internationally-cooperative jurisdiction for businesses and “fiscal nomads” looking for legitimate ways to lower their tax bill in a properly regulated environment.

Depending on an applicant's situation, there are three types of Gibraltar residency status available. These are:

Qualifying (Category 2) Individual – Cat 2

The benefits of obtaining Category 2 status in Gibraltar are particularly compelling for individuals from countries where levels of personal income tax are particularly high, such as Britain, Germany, Canada, Switzerland and France. Category 2 status works for individuals earning in excess of £120,000 who can demonstrate a net worth of at least £2 million and maintain an approved residential property in Gibraltar throughout the residency period, which may be purchased or rented exclusively for the applicant’s use. Income tax payable, on worldwide income, is capped at £29,880 with a minimum tax payment due of £22,000.

High Executive Possessing Specialist Skills Individual- HEPSS

An individual with specialist skills who is intending to relocate to Gibraltar can apply to become a tax resident as a HEPSS. In support of their application, they will be required to provide evidence of employment as a high executive or member of senior management with an income not less than £120,000 GBP and, as with Cat 2 applications, a Property Rental Agreement or Title Deed of a Government “approved” residential property.

Self-Sufficient Individual

Individuals who do not intend to carry out economic activity have the right to reside in Gibraltar, provided they have sufficient financial resources to support themselves and their dependants. There is no requirement to buy an approved property, buying or renting any accommodation in Gibraltar will suffice and the benefits already outlined for category 2 applicants will apply.

For more information on our Gibraltar residency services please contact Marina Abdul Magid at: marina.abdul@fiduciarygroup.com