Popular Jurisdictions

Whilst our Head Office is based in Gibraltar, we can provide company formation offshore and onshore services in many jurisdictions and have information sheets readily available on both the more popular offshore jurisdictions as well as on some of the more complex and lesser-known jurisdictions.

We have made every effort to ensure that the details contained herein are up to date and correct but this information does not constitute legal or professional advice and we do not accept any responsibility, legal or otherwise, for any errors or omissions.


Well-established financial centre with highly flexible legislation. The Bahamas IBC can be used as a holding company or an investment company. The Bahamas has a well-developed banking sector.


Highly flexible legislation, competitive costs, and quick and efficient services. Belize is also the only country in Central America whose official language is English.

British Virgin Islands

A BVI company provides a cost effective, flexible alternative. This type of company can be used as a holding company or an investment company holding a bank account.

Cayman Islands

Well-established Caribbean jurisdiction with sophisticated legal and banking infrastructure. Can be expensive for non-trading companies. Very strict bank secrecy laws.

Delaware LLC

Not usually recognised as a tax free status jurisdiction but a reputable US jurisdiction nonetheless.


Gibraltar has an excellent reputation and is a cost effective bilingual (English and Spanish) jurisdiction within the EU but with special status.

Isle of Man

A popular choice for trading companies with good infrastructure and respectability. There is no corporation tax in the IOM. An Isle of Man company can register for VAT. There is no requirement to disclose the name of the beneficial owner to the Isle of Man authorities.


Malta became a member of the EU on 1st May 2004 and is therefore an attractive jurisdiction with low taxation. Malta can also give access to a number of double taxation treaties including those with Spain and Portugal.

New York LLC

New York is the centre of world commerce and New York city, matched only by London, is the most important financial centre in the world. It is therefore considered a prestigious location with a very good reputation.


A US jurisdiction with an quick and efficient companies registry.


A popular jurisdiction due to its Common Law base and relative low cost compared to other European trading nations. A UK company where trading outside the UK can be sheltered from UK taxation when acting in an agency or broker capacity. The UK also provides the Limited Liability Partnership, the UK LLP, and whilst having corporate characteristics and legal capacity in its own right, trading income is taxed like a partnership. Therefore if owned by non-UK tax payers and has no UK source income it is not chargeable to tax in the UK. The UK LLP is therefore suitable for trading operations outside the UK.


Not usually recognised as a no tax jurisdiction, it is deal for holding companies or trading companies. The most common type of company is the LLC (Limited Liability Company), since this can be structured to avoid charge to US taxation.

Others Jurisdictions