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Radio Licence

It is a legal requirement for all yachts registered in Gibraltar to have an SSL (Ship Station Licence, also known as a radio licence) before transmitting equipment is used. On this licence you will find your vessel's international callsign and in most cases a 9 digit MMSI number. It is advised to keep the Ship Station Licence documents with your equipment on board when travelling abroad, as foreign licensing administrations may confiscate the radio equipment when a valid licence cannot be produced upon demand.

An SSL would be fit for a vessel which is solely used for recreational purposes and not for trade or profit, or where the owner or user does not receive any type of payment in cash or in kind from any person other than as a contribution to the direct expenses of the vessel- such as fuel, mooring fees etc.- which may be incurred in the operation of the vessel during a voyage or excursion.

A callsign is allocated to a vessel when the radio equipment on the vessel is initially licensed. This callsign remains with the vessel even if there is a change of ownership or change of name of vessel. The callsign remains the same.

MMSI numbers uniquely identify vessels to allow for automatic telephone and telex communications. In order for a vessel to be issued with an MMSI, it must be fitted with an SES (Ship Earth Satellite Station) or have DSC (Digital Selective Calling) equipment on board. It is an offence to install and/or use any radio equipment on board a Gibraltar registered vessel without a radio licence. Gibraltar radio licences are valid for a period of one year. EPIRBs (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons) must be coded with the MMSI number provided, in order to assist in determining the position of survivors in any search and rescue operations.

If you already have licensed radio equipment on board and wish to add an MMSI or MMSI Digital Selective Calling facility, your vessel's licence will need to be amended by adding your MMSI number to the vessel's station licence. You might also already have an MMSI for use with Digital Selective Calling equipment but propose to install an SES. In this case, you would be allocated with a new MMSI and may need to have to reprogram your DSC equipment once again.

In order to apply for a radio licence, a local contact needs to be appointed, i.e. an agent in Gibraltar having an Accounting Authority Licence with the GRA (Gibraltar Regulatory Authority). The GRA is the statutory body responsible for regulating the electronic communications sector in Gibraltar, established under the Gibraltar Regulatory Authority Act in October 2000. We have an Accounting Authority Licence and could act as your Gibraltar representative for this purpose.