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Fiduciary offers over thirty years experience in business start-ups in a wide variety of sectors, including the new and rapidly advancing technology and fintech sectors.

We use our expertise and our access to sector specific research to help you to choose the best structure for your particular business, setting you on the right pathway to maximize the opportunities for long-term success.



We are based in Gibraltar, but we also provide company formation services as well as company management services in many jurisdictions including Malta, British Virgin Islands, Belize, Jersey and Guernsey. We take you through the entire process of selecting the right type of company formation for your particular business taking into account your individual business and personal aspirations. Fiduciary is licenced to provide client companies with a registered address as required by Gibraltar’s company law.

If you already own a company in another jurisdiction, we can help you re-domicile your company from one jurisdiction to another, with the aim of helping you to make the most effective and cost-efficient potential that your business can provide.





We have a licensed corporate director company that we can provide to clients as part of their own corporate set up, and we can also provide nominee shareholder services where these are required.


Secretarial Support

We have many years of experience in providing company secretarial services, working to ensure that your business is fully compliant with the relevant company regulations, ensuring that the company minute books are up to date and filing requirements met.

If you already own a company, we can arrange the smooth and efficient transfer of company management services so that we can readily accept existing companies who want us to work as their company managers.



Our skilled, professional team is ready to provide a full range of accountancy services to help you ensure that you are fully compliant with all local regulations and to support you in meeting your long-term financial and business aspirations. We take the burden of day-to-day book-keeping tasks such as purchase ledger entries and bank reconciliations. We prepare your annual accounts for filing, arrange audits as appropriate and fully support your strategic decision-making and company development with clear analysis and financial information so that you are free to fully pursue your business goals.


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