Human Resources


Skilled in the processes of recruitment, personnel management and payroll, we can provide a full business support service.

Fiduciary will ensure that your business is appropriately registered with the relevant Government departments, arrange to pay your staff, or ensure your returns are accurate and up to date, and advise on your employment contracts. Employment issues can be complex, so at Fiduciary we focus on looking after your employment matters so that you can focus on creating new opportunities and growing your business.


Employment Services

Our dedicated professionals run an efficient employment service for our clients, ensuring that your business is fully registered, compliant in employment law and applying up to date employment practice. We help you to make sure that you are meeting your responsibilities as an employer and that your employees can exercise their rights while at the same time, bringing value and essential skills to your business. Employment regulations can be complex and through our access to legal experts at ISOLAS law firm, we can advise on employment contracts and any issues or disputes that may arise.



Making sure that your employees are paid properly and on time according to Gibraltar’s regulations, in the appropriate format and currency and with all the correct statutory deductions can be complex and time consuming. Fiduciary’s payroll team applies all the necessary skills and technology to keep your business running smoothly.


Tax Calculations and Filing

An essential part of the payroll function, we ensure that your company fulfills all regulatory requirements in deducting, recording and submitting tax and social insurance contributions to Gibraltar’s Tax Office. We also make sure that all the end of year returns are prepared and filed to keep your business fully compliant.



Our team makes sure that your company is registered and that all its activities are fully compliant with tax regulations, including in situations where your company may need to employ or sub-contract cross-border workers or foreign workers – situations that can be complex in terms of tax regulations but that can occur from time to time depending on the nature of your business.

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