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Based in Gibraltar, Fiduciary Group understands well the attractiveness of this jurisdiction for clients. Individuals seeking to establish residency in Gibraltar can enjoy a unique set of advantages.

Its location in the southern Mediterranean means that Gibraltar enjoys a pleasant, warm climate. A British Overseas Territory, Gibraltar is English-speaking, has a thriving and diverse economy and has emerged as a leading international finance centre. It boasts the presence of some top financial services companies, gaming companies, a World Trade Center and has its own stock exchange, which is now licensed to trade cryptocurrencies.

Gibraltar’s robust regulatory framework, which nevertheless encourages innovation and growth, has placed it as a global leader in the fields of DLT and the blockchain, with cryptocurrency and numerous tech start-ups seeking to establish their companies here.

Gibraltar has implemented all EU tax directives and is known as an EU compliant, transparent, internationally-cooperative jurisdiction for businesses and for individuals seeking to lower their tax bill in legitimate and transparent ways in a properly regulated environment.


Residency Applications: Cat2; Hepps; Self Sufficiency

There are three types of Gibraltar residency status available depending on what your personal circumstances are:

  • Qualifying (Category 2) Individual - Cat 2
  • High Executive Possessing Specialist Skills Individual - HEPSS
  • Self-Sufficient Individual

Our friendly, approachable team will be able to give you all the appropriate advice you need to make your decision on setting up Gibraltar residency, and we will help you make all the arrangements necessary to effect this with the minimum possible disruption to you or your family.

Business Solutions


Property Sourcing

Your relocation to Gibraltar is made as smooth a process as possible by our energetic team members who have the local knowledge and expertise, as well as a strong local network, to be able to identify and help you to secure the ideal property for your needs. With a buoyant property market and with numerous property developments in various stages of completion, Gibraltar can boast some superb, high-end luxury homes, good property investment opportunities and an excellent environment for modern living. We will help you to find just the right home to meet your aspirations for life in the Mediterranean.


Family Affairs; Schooling; Medical; Social

With an excellent health service as well as private clinics, a quality education system offering parents and children a variety of educational choices, access to UK and international universities and strong career prospects, Gibraltar is the perfect choice for many parents. There are myriad opportunities to become involved in sporting, art and leisure activities and with community groups and associations. Add to this a relaxed lifestyle and a generally safe and secure, respectful environment for young people to grow up in, and Gibraltar makes an ideal home for you, your family and your business interests.

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